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ID What You See. Picture Gallery

  • Blue Wren Gumnut Trails illustration

    Bird Bingo

    Get to know our feathered friends. Common birds in our Melbourne Parks and waterways.

    Picture Gallery 
  • Rockpools Gumnut Trails illustration

    Rockpool Secrets

    Is that a crab, a starfish, mollusc, periwinkle? What you might see hiding in our rockpools.

    Picture Gallery 
  • Bug Bingo Gumnut Trails Illustration

    Bug Bingo

    Slater, millipede, snail, worm… what are the little creatures crawling under a log or littler of leaves?

    Picture Gallery 
  • Animal traces illustration Gumnut Trails

    Animal Traces

    Scats, Tracks and traces. Can you find the clues that animals leave behind?

    Picture Gallery