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It gave my family the motivation we needed

The Adventure Guides are an absolute delight, full of surprising locations all across Melbourne. My whole family has loved exploring new places, and our daughter was so excited to go out on the adventure, she didn't even notice the playground near the start (phew). We all had a great time - can't wait to do more.

Kids loved it!

We set off on an adventure and kids were off and running before we knew it! They had such a great time. What a great idea.

Arrived very quickly and it has been an absolute game changer for ideas and confidence going on more outdoor adventures with our 2.5 year old and rescue greyhound. The information is fantastic and every detail included reflects on how much work and passion has gone into making it. The QR codes make it easy to get directions in the car and we feel like we can keep coming back to places to find out more next time. Incredible work and I would buy more if there are ever add-ons.

This little beauty was on my door step just in time to gift my niece for xmas. The adventures inside will be fabulous giving her an opportunity to explore different areas and increase her outdoor knowledge and care for the land. I think this is the most wonderful idea for family's and perfect for Aunty's to gift their niece and nephews. I can't wait to explore with her. Thanks so much

Just gave this to my grandchildren for Christmas. The whole family is impressed and keen to explore

First impression is delight. The bundle is a present so I will have to wait for the recipient to let me know what they think. However, I love the amount of work that has gone into the production of the folders.

We were intrigued by the ads we saw and are delighted with our guide. We are itching to get out there!

I love the look of these cards. Seems like a great way to extend the learning - and of course the fun.

These books are absolutely fantastic, the amount of detail, information and fun that's gone into them is just wonderful. Getting children outdoors and exploring is so important and these books make it so easy.

We are just starting our first adventure and can't wait to see what it brings. The illustrations are so vibrant and it's so beautifully written. I had the fortune to meet Christina - she delivered the package herself as they were on one of their walks nearby. Great customer service, very authentic, great idea! Thank you!!

Gorgeous cards with illustrations and directions for exploring an interesting spot in Melbourne. My 5 year old boy loved his first adventure out West. Spent 2.5 hours exploring beautiful wetlands, looking at leaves, for bugs, birds and other creatures. When he was upset about accidentally drawing over a picture on one of the cards, I emailed Christina and she dropped over a replacement card, no charge just a few days later. Very worthwhile purchase. Looking forward to doing the other adventures!

Beautiful pictures and speedy service and kept me.up to date with postage. Great birthday present for a little friend!

This was the perfect Christmas present for my 5 year old niece and her family. So much so that I wasn't the only one that bought it, another aunty did too. Not to worry, she will share her other guide with a friend and the two families can have adventure together

Brought Melbourne east for my nieces children for Christmas - Parents were very impressed! Can't wait to hear how the kids like it

Our first grandchild hasn't even arrived yet (May 2023!) when i saw the gumnut trails i had to have them. I ordered the East and waiting for the South East to come out. Absolutely delighted with the pack, fantastic content. Great attention to detail, has everything covered for a great adventure.

Was great service. Very prompt. My family thought it was brilliant as I gave it to her family for a present. Very happy. Will get more when they come out

We were so excited receiving our Adventure Guide in the mail and it exceeded our expectations. Our 4 and half year old led the way, card in hand and was so excited to find animal foot prints on the sandy track….and that was just the start.

These Adventure Guides are beautiful. My 2.5yo son loves these cards! He searches through the pack and picks which park we will explore then carries them for the whole time searching for and matching the illustrations along the way. I love how interactive they make a family walk. His exclamation of "Lets go on an Adventure!" followed by running to the bookshelf to get his guide shows how engaging these are. The illustrations and attention to detail are the icing on the cake. Thank you Gumnut Guides, I look forward to collecting the set and many adventures.

I bought this guide as a birthday present after my son loved out Melbourne's West Guide. Such a lovely way for little friends to explore the great outdoors together!

We had such a great time following all the clues! Such a lovey thing to do as a family.

My family had such a great time exploring with Gumnut Trail's (adults too)! My daughter loved the illustrations and adventures - she hasn't stopped asking when we're going on another adventure. Definitely soon!

I am so much more confident and excited about exploring some local parks with my boys with this guide in hand! The materials are beautifully presented, with gorgeous illustrations and fun activities and ideas. I have since purchased extra copies to give as gifts for friends- it's something the whole family can enjoy and adds no extra clutter for those of us who have too many toys and not enough space! And with COVID about, there's never been a better time for outdoor adventures! I definitely recommend Gumnut Trails - such a great resource!

This is such a fantastic concept and just SO well executed! The guide is truly made for both kids and adults. The links make it so easy to follow along and my boys love the pictures and the exploring the trails like real explorers.�We purchased the North guide as it is local to us and it is so well thought out, I couldn't recommend highly enough!

These guides are incredible! We're determined to do every trail in our North and West Packs!

My daughter and I had so much fun! Such a great idea and was so easy to use.