• Childhood memories

    Some of my earliest memories are with my brother, fearlessly climbing the tallest trees on our block and sitting up there for hours. I also have vivid memories of hurtling down our steep block on a rickety billy cart, flipping over and laughing from sheer joy! My mother was horrified.

    Weekends and holidays were spent adventuring outdoors! I remember spotlighting at night, joining treasure hunts in the local nature reserves and planting trees with local groups.

    Family holidays were one big adventure, as we hiked to waterfalls, camped in national parks, canoed down rivers and played cricket on the beach.

  • Parent life

    I didn’t realise how amazing my childhood in country Victoria was, until years later we were living in Melbourne without a forest or beach in sight (or so I thought).

    Then our daughter turned 2, COVID lockdowns happened, and the hunt to find a slice of the great outdoors in Melbourne became goal number one. This led to Gumnut Trails.

    Let the adventures begin… xxx Christina.

"Melbourne is bursting with amazing nature spots if you know where to look."

Christina and her then 2-year-old daughter, making a gumnut tower.

How it came together.

The creative start we all need.

I soon discovered that parents everywhere were concerned about getting their kids active, outdoors, into nature and away from screens - however they didn’t always know where to start.

With about 70% of Australian families living in metropolitan areas, it’s easy to understand why it can be hard to unplug and immerse our families in nature regularly - plus where do you go, what do you do, and how do you make it fun?

So, I set out to make outdoor adventures, fun, easy, and accessible for young urban families.

Carefully choosing trails that were family friendly and a delight to explore.

Designing adventures that were creative and fun for families and brought to life the amazing natural spaces all around us.

Why it matters

Experts everywhere agree that time in nature is important for the happiness, health and development of our children (and for adults)!

It's the time we need to disconnect from the pressures of life and devices, feel refreshed and make memories that stick!

It leads to increased happiness, creativity, resilience, mindfulness, health and fitness (see benefits overview in FAQs).

Studies have shown even the sight of greenery can reduce stress and increase happiness - imagine knowing that you just need to sit in a park or walk in a forest to feel better? That’s a life changing skill.

It’s also true, that the more time children spend in nature when they’re young, the more they remember and care about our environment when they grow up. Let’s face it - our planet needs all the support it can get.

We also donate to local projects that help keep our spaces safe for future generations.

The making of Gumnut Trails

A behind the scenes look at how the Gumnut Trails Adventure Guides came together - from the idea, illustrations, writing and research.

Read the Story.
Merri Creek trail of donated butterflies and moths

Donations that help conserve and connect.

We donate to local projects that help encourage our connection with local nature spots or help protect these for future generations.

Read about our first donation project along the Merri Creek!

We Live, Work And Play On The Traditional Lands Of The Wurundjeri and Bunurong People Of The Kulin Nation. We Acknowledge And Pay Our Respects To Their History, Living Culture And Elders Past, Present And Emerging.