Who did you see out and about today? Below are some of our feathered friends.

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  • Blue Wren Gumnut Trails illustration

    Superb Blue Fairy Wren

    I’m as small as your hand (14cm) and hop from bush to bush. The females are brown and the males bright blue to attract the female wrens. We eat insects.

  • Laughing Kookaburra Gumnut trails illustration

    Laughing Kookaburra

    Hear me laugh high up in the tree.. I’m a Kingfisher who likes worms, crustaceans and even small snakes and frogs! I’m 42cm long.

  • Purple Swamphen Gumnut Trails illustration

    Purple Swamphen

    You will always see me around water. I’m 45cm long and eat reeds and small frogs and snails.

  • Little Egret Gumnut Trails illustration

    Little Egret

    Not so little (I'm 60cm tall), I love the shallow water and eat fish and other small water creatures.

  • Welcome Swallow Gumnut Trails illustration

    Welcome Swallow

    I swoop, dive and fly low to the ground - I’m a flying acrobat! I catch insects and bugs when I’m flying around. I’m 15cm long.

  • Australian Wood Duck Gumnut Trails illustration

    Australian Wood Duck

    I am found around reeds and shallows, you might even see me sitting up in a tree or in a hollow. I’m 47cm long and eat grasses and insects.

  • Dusky Moorhen Gumnut Trails illustration

    Dusky Moorhen

    I live around water and like the open rivers, lakes and wetlands. I’m 36cm long and eat grasses, algae and some molluscs.

  • Australasian Grebe Gumnut Trails illustration

    Australasian Grebe

    I’m a fluffy small bird (26cm long) who lives in small ponds or waterways. I eat small fish and insects.

  • White-Necked Herron Gumnut Trails Illustration

    White-Necked Herron

    I’m 91cm long and am found around wetlands and waterways in the shallows. I eat fish, insects, frogs. I nest in big trees

  • Black Swan Gumnut Trails illustration

    Black Swan

    I have the longest neck of all the swans and am 131cms long. A group of flying swans is called a Wedge, a male a Cob, female a Pen and baby is a Cygnet. We’re vegetarians

  • Willie Wagtail Gumnut Trails illustration

    Willie Wagtail

    I am 20cm long and am always hopping around wagging my tail to forage for insects. I don’t sit still for long and you nearly always see me around.

  • Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo Gumnut Trails illustration

    Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

    I am 45cm tall and am famous for my yellow crest and raucous screeches. You may see my flying in large flocks especially early in the morning.

    I crack seeds with my strong beak and eat seeds, nuts, roots, berries, leaf buds and some insects.

  • Crimson Rosella Gumnut Trails illustration

    Crimson Rosella

    I am about 30cms long and like drinking nectar out of native flowers and searching for grubs and insects on the ground.

  • Rainbow Lorikeet

    Rainbow Lorikeet

    I am 25 to 30cm long and seen all over Melbourne! You can hear me squawk loudly and see my bright green colours in nearby trees.

    I eat the nectars from flowers and get covered in pollen.

  • Royal Spoonbill Gumnut Trails illustration

    Royal Spoonbill

    I am 80cm long and love the water (I’m a waterbird). You can find me in shallow wetlands eating fish and shrimps. My bill is a big spatula and I can scoop up lots at once.

  • Wedge-tailed Eagle Gumnut Trails illustration

    Wedge-tailed Eagle

    I am the largest bird of prey in Australia and I have the biggest wing-span of any Eagle in the world at 2ms long! I eat rabbits, wallabies and small kangaroos.

    My eyes are like binoculars, and I can see 4 to 5 times further than you!

  • Sacred Kingfisher Gumnut Trails illustration with crown

    Sacred Kingfisher

    I am 20cms long and am a beautiful turquoise colour. I eat mainly on land and like insects, small reptiles and crustaceans. Sometimes I eat fish.
    Note: the Wattle crown is just for fun :)

  • Red-browed Finch Gumnut Trails illustration with party hat

    Red-browed Finch

    I am a small bird that could fit in your hand and live in flocks of 10 or more and love bushy trees. I eat insects and seeds on the ground.

    I have a distinctive red beak and brow - with an olive/yellow wing! I so am hard to miss once you have found me.
    Note: I don’t normally wear a party hat!

  • Eastern Yellow Robin Gumnut Trails illustration with bow tie

    Eastern Yellow Robin

    I am found in woodlands and forests and am about 15cm long. I often perch side-ways on trees and branches and eat insects. (I don’t normally have a bow-tie)!