2 hours 2.5 km trail loop

This is a long skinny (linear) park amongst residential streets with open trails to wander.

In the center, is a gnome village and 1 or 2 big cubbies you can help build. There are also lots of big logs, sticks, bark and leaves lying around this area and along the pathway boarders.

The old station embankments are now the higher pathways in Urban Forest.

Allow up to 20 minutes to walk around the park and spend the rest of the time building, creating and playing in this lovely little reserve.

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ID What You See. Picture Gallery

  • Blue Wren Gumnut Trails illustration

    Bird Bingo

    Get to know our feathered friends. Common birds in our Melbourne Parks and waterways.

    Picture Gallery 
  • Growling Grass Frog Gumnut Trails illustration

    The Frog Chorus

    Which frog is that croaking, clicking, whistling, bonking or growling in our waterways?

    Picture Gallery 
  • Bug Bingo Gumnut Trails Illustration

    Bug Bingo

    Slater, milipede, snail, worm… what are the little creatures crawling under a log or littler of leaves?

    Picture Gallery 
  • Water Bugs Gumnut Trails up close illustration

    Water Bugs

    Who’s wriggling in our waterways? Fairy Shrimps, water mites, water boatman, tadpoles?!?

    Picture Galleries 
  • Girl with binoculars illustration


    Birds, bugs, rockpool secrets, rocks and fossils, animal traces and more.

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Extra Activities

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Build a Tiny World

Gather loose sticks, bark, leaves, flowers and seeds to create a tiny picture (a nature diorama) of whatever you choose. Will it be a tiny campsite, a forest map or even a train?

What picture did you make? Take a pic and put them back.

What's Wriggling in the Ponds?

Twirling boatman, fantastic fish and tiny signs of life.

There are two ponds at this forest. Carefully scoop up some water into a clear plastic viewing tray to see who’s swimming about.

Who was out and about today? (see ID galleries above)

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