Frog Chorus

Who is that clicking, croaking, whistling, bonking and growling in our waterways…? It’s a chorus of Frogs!

Only the male frogs will call and they’re at their loudest over Spring. Join the frog census and download the app to hear their calls.

Never touch frogs as the oils on our hands can be dangerous for their skin.

  • Eastern Banjo Frog Gumnut Trails illustration

    Eastern Banjo Frog

    "Bonk, bonk… pobblebonk."

    This large frog is 7cm long and likes to burrow underground in Winter and is known as 'The Lord of the Swamp.'

    Its call sounds like it’s plucking the strings of a banjo.

  • Common Froglet Gumnut Trails illustration

    Common Froglet

    "Crick, crick crick.”

    This little frog is the size of your thumbnail (3cm) and is as loud as a lawn mower! It calls all year round but is rarely seen.

    It can be found near water edges.

  • Growling Grass Frog Gumnut Trails illustration

    Growling Grass Frog

    ““Grrruh-uh-uh-urk. Grrruuuurk”

    This frog is endangered. It’s large and mossy green and is 10cm long.

    Between August and April, you can hear its call.

    It sounds like a guttural growl - like an engine not starting.

  • Southern Brown Tree Frog Gumnut Trails illustration

    Southern Brown Tree Frog


    This frog is 4.5cm long and loves to climb and jump. It’s found all over Melbourne.

    You can hear its call all year round, especially after rain.

  • Spotted Marsh Frog Gumnut Trails illustration

    Spotted Marsh Frog


    This frog takes shelter under rocks and wood and can be found on the edge of ponds. It’s 5cm long.

    It can be heard all year round. And sounds like two stones being tapped together.

  • Striped Marsh Frog Gumnut Trails illustration

    Striped Marsh Frog


    It has stripes on its body and is about 6.5cm long. It can be found in any water - from roadside ditch to flooded grassland.

    It can be heard calling all year round. And sounds like a tennis ball being hit.

  • Whistling Tree Frog Gumnut Trails illustration

    Whistling Tree Frog

    “Weep weep weep weep weep.”

    This small frog is only 3cm long. It lives on the edge of water.

    In warmer areas it will call all year round. It sounds like a high-pitched whistle.