3-4 hours 11 km return (bike)

Our tour starts at Coburg Lake Reserve (Coburg North) and ends at Ceres Farm (Brunswick) - you return the same way. This is an easy ride with lots to see and do on the way.

It’s an easy 30–45-minute bike ride one way. If you would prefer a shorter bike ride or even walk - turn around at Joe’s Market Garden or the Islamic Museum Cafe further on.

Allow 3 - 4 hours overall for the activities, stops, and the return trip.

An alternative route is from Rushall Station to Quarries Park, the Merri Creek Labyrinth and back.

WARNING: The Merri Creek trail can flood after heavy rains - so plan your trip for drier days.

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ID What You See. Picture Gallery

  • Blue Wren Gumnut Trails illustration

    Bird Bingo

    Get to know our feathered friends. Common birds in our Melbourne Parks and waterways.

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  • Water Bugs Gumnut Trails up close illustration

    Water Bugs

    Common water bugs you may find in our lakes, rivers and waterways.

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  • Girl with binoculars illustration


    Birds, bugs, rockpool secrets, rocks and fossils, animal traces and more.

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Extra Activities

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A trail of Merri Moths

There are 8 mosaics hiding along this trail donated by Gumnut Trails.

Can you find the 8 native moths and butterflies on the pathway?

Load the map and meet the mosaics you will find.

Cycling Symphony

Whir of wheels, ding of bells, chatter of birds, croak of frogs, whoosh of air in the trees…

What sounds can you hear on your bike?

Create A Merri Marker

Pyramid, sculpture, or pretend campfire? Gather loose sticks, leaves, stones lying around and build your Merri marker.

Take a pic and put it back. They could be home to minibeasts.

Come Along To A Friends Group Event.

The local Friends of Merri Creek group have lots of free events and activities for families to get involved with. Walk and talks, tree planting, bird watching, weed pulling -see their website for more information.

Join an activity run by the local Friends Group!

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