2hours 1.5 km trail loop

Enter through the main gate (from the Parring Road carpark) and follow the main loop around the gardens. See map below for approximate locations of the missing plants and thief in main mission.

The Observation Tower is located in Beckett’s Park on the other side of the carpark near the playground.

It’s open Monday to Friday 8am to 3:30pm. Weekends 10am to 5pm.

Allow up to 30 - 40 minutes to walk around the gardens. Allow 2 hours overall for the activities and free play.

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ID What You See. Picture Gallery

  • Blue Wren Gumnut Trails illustration

    Bird Bingo

    Get to know our feathered friends. Common birds in our Melbourne Parks and waterways.

    Picture Gallery 
  • Fluffy Native Grass sketch Gumnut Trails

    Grasses, Seeds, Moss and Trees

    A few common native grasses, seed pods, moss and trees.

    Picture Gallery 
  • Girl with binoculars illustration


    Birds, bugs, rockpool secrets, rocks and fossils, animal traces and more.

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Extra Activities

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Around Australia in 60 minutes!

Can you make it through deserts, scrub, rainforests, heathlands and woodlands in under an hour?

It takes 6 months to travel (by car) the loop of Australia and 30 -60 minutes to walk these gardens.

Find each area and a plant from every state in Australia!

Leaf Rubbings

Take paper, crayons and find a collection of intriguing leafs.

The more veins the better – start rubbing!

What shapes will you create?

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