3-4 hours 9 km return (bike)

From Holmesglen Reserve area, follow the bike path to the Local History Park and Gardiners Creek Reserve. Return the same way. It’s just over 4km one way.

There are a number of pocket parks on the way that you can park your bike and explore. These include small wetlands, with tiny bridges and walking tracks just past Damper Greek (see map).

The Local History Park has lots to explore and most of the mission locations and Drive in Cinema are set in this area.

This is an easy 30-minute bike ride (one way) without stops. Allow 3-4 hours return with stops along the way.

Alternative Route: From Holmesglen Reserve to Eric Raven Reserve area (there’s a large bird hide and natural area on the way), with bridges to cross.

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ID What You See. Picture Gallery

  • Bug Bingo Gumnut Trails Illustration

    Bug Bingo

    Slaters, millipedes, snail, worms… what are the little creatures crawling under a log or litter of leaves?

    Picture Gallery 
  • Growling Grass Frog Gumnut Trails illustration

    The Frog Chorus

    Which frog is that croaking, clicking, whistling, bonking or growling in our waterways?

    Picture Gallery 
  • Blue Wren Gumnut Trails illustration

    Bird Bingo

    Get to know our feathered friends. Common birds in our Melbourne Parks and waterways.

    Picture Gallery 
  • Girl with binoculars illustration


    Birds, bugs, rockpool secrets, rocks and fossils, animal traces and more.

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Extra Activities

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Cycling Symphony

Whir of wheels, ding of bells, chatter of birds, croak of frogs, whoosh of air in the trees

What sounds can you hear on your bike?

Watch me fly, Bicycle spy!

Eagle eyes peeled as you glide the trails. Which birds are paddling in the creek or flying just beside you? Let’s count!

Did you see Ducks? Fairy Wrens? Ibis? (see Bird ID guide)

Come Along To A Friends Group Event.

The local Friends of Gardiners Creek group have lots of free events and activities for families to get involved with. Walk and talks, tree planting, bird watching, weed pulling -see their website for more information.

Join an activity run by the local Friends Group!

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