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18 Kids Books to inspire a love of Nature & Adventure.

Take me to a place where dragonflies dance on sunbeams, ancient trees whisper enchantments, and the mighty seas roll with untold adventures.

Storytelling is one of the best ways to engage children in new ideas and inspire a love of nature and outdoor adventures!

We asked three of our favourite local bookstores (and stockists) to provide their children’s book recommendations and added a few extra tips of our own.

Thank you to The Little Bookroom (Fitzroy North), The Younger Sun (Yarraville) and Brunswick Bound (Brunswick) for their wonderful recommendations - we can’t wait to get reading!

Five Minute Read

The Adventure Stories

Wind Rider Rescue at Turtle Beach
Wind Riders: Rescue on Turtle Beach
Jen Marlin & Izzy Burton

Max and Sofia lives are changed forever when they find an old magical sailboat.

Wind Rider takes them on adventures to solve environmental problems - like rescuing baby turtles!

The Younger Sun recommendation >




Jetty Jumping book cover

Jetty Jumping
Andrea Rowe & Hannah Sommerville

While Milla's friends take big, brave jumps off the jetty, Milla stays on the blistering wood, scared of what lurks below. But when Milla accidentally falls off the edge, she discovers the beauty of the deep, dark sea - and her summer changes forever.

The Younger Sun recommendation>



The Tree at Number 43 Book cover

The Tree at Number 43
Jess McGreachin

In a noisy, grey city, Sam and his Grandpa long for the deep, dark wonderful jungle. But when their dream comes true, can they find a way to protect it?

Little Bookroom Recommendation 



By the Billabong front cover

By the Billabong
Maura Finn and Cate James

This is a fun, rhyming book for little kids that lists creatures you might find on a walk beside the billabong.

Brunswick Bound recommendation >




Dirt by the sea book cover

Dirt By Sea
Michael Wagner & Tom Jellett

Daisy and her dad set off on a once-in-a-lifetime father-daughter trip along the Australian coast to see the ocean and much more.

Daisy has never seen the beach and thinks the Australian anthem is about a country ‘dirt by sea…’

The Younger Sun recommendation 



Now we're together book front cover

Now We’re Together
Nicola Edwards and Jenny Bloomfield

This is a book about the magic that happens when we disconnect from our devices and connect with each other.

It contains statistics about the impact of smartphones, and advice about reducing screen time.

Brunswick Bound Recommendation >


The Tiny Explorers book cover

The Tiny Explorers
Kat Maclead

Explore the natural world up-close with wonderful illustrations and a treasure hunt through the garden!

Their treasure hunt collections transform into a fun surprise at the end of their journey.

The Younger Sun recommendation 



Tiny Wonders book cover

Tiny Wonders
Sally Soweol Han

April lives in a dull, grey town full of busy people. When she decides to brighten things up by planting dandelion seeds, she is able to use nature to bring the community together.

Brunswick Bound Recommendation >




Polly Pecorino front coverThe Girl Who Rescues Animals
Geraldine McCaughrean

A lovely story about a girl called Polly Pecorino who rescues animals and cares for them at the local Zoo.

When the devious Zoo owners steal a bear cub from the Wild Bear Woods; will Polly be brave enough to stand up for the bears and return him to the wild?

The Younger Sun recommendation >




Rockhopping front coverRockhopping by Trace Balla

Clancy and Uncle Egg go on a rambling, rockhopping adventure in Gariwerd (the Grampians), to find the source of the Glenelg River.

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The Melbourne Bundle - Gumnut Trails guides

Gumnut Trails Adventure Guides

Join our 2 explorers Ellie and Felix on their adventures around Melbourne’s amazing parks, beaches & reserves.

Follow clues, learn about our local wildlife and become part of the story!

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Learning about Nature

Let's eat weeds book cover

Let’s Eat Weeds
Annie Raser-Rowland & Adam Grubb

This kid-friendly guide to common edible weeds is perfect for taking on suburban adventures and will also lead to adventures in the kitchen!

Brunswick Bound Recommendation >




Looking after country with fireLooking after Country with Fire
Victor Steffensen
This is a powerful story of Australia's ecosystems through Indigenous fire management. A way forward for future generations to manage our landscapes.

Little Bookroom recommendation



Let's get Gardening front cover

Let’s Get Gardening

Learn how to grow organic vegetables and herbs, how to attract awesome bees, butterflies and birds to your area, and how to make sustainable garden containers from household waste.

Little Bookroom recommendation





Backyard Birds front coverBackyard Birds
Helen Milroy

A book for very small kids who love to spot native birds. The illustrations are bright and expressive, and it’s the perfect size to stash in a backpack.

Brunswick Bound Recommendation



Caring for the environment

Dear Greta book cover

Dear Greta
Yvette Poshoglian

Alice is given a school writing project with Greta Thunberg as her pen pal - she had hoped for a pop star…

Through her writing to Greta, she starts to wonder ‘what would Greta do?,’ and realises the impact she can make in the world around her.

Little Bookroom recommendation



What a waste book coverWhat A Waste
Jess French

This environmental book will teach young ecologists how our actions affect planet Earth. Discover shocking facts the waste we produce and where it goes.

It explains what we're doing wrong and right! 

Little Bookroom recommendation

Nature Ninja saves the natural world book coverNature Ninja Saves The Natural World
Tania Moloney & Jelena Sardi

This lovely little book follows the adventures of Nature Ninja and Boobook owl as they learn how they can save the world - from their own backyard!

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